In the IT sector, with rapidly changing, developing technologies, providing sustainable profitability with the value of knowledge, diversification, expertise and flexible solutions, is of vital importance for the corporations.

With this awareness, as Sentra Bilişim Teknolojileri, placing importance in understanding customer expectations, directing them towards the right sources, we offer business solutions and services that provide added value with efficient, sustainable, flexible and profitable investments.

What differentiates us in the IT sector is the correct usage of resources, our expertise in project design and project management, and our focus in end-to-end turnkey projects for result-oriented technology solutions.

With the 20 years of expertise we have gained in the IT sector with our value-driven corporate approach and the power and confidence in knowledge, in the field of flexible business solutions, we provide project consultancy, project management services that are suitable for our customer’s requirements and as a systems integrator, we deliver products, solutions and services.

In Turkey and in the International market, in fields such as E-Campus Solutions, Enterprise Mobility, Digital Media, Campus Card applications and Integration, as a Systems Integrator, with the help of our world leading business partners who are developers of international technologies, we deliver high-quality, reliable and value added services.

In our solutions and services that are focused on end-to-end turnkey projects, we analyze all IT requirements of organizations and perform the installation, application and project management of correct systems that are based on the main principle of efficiency.

Our Business Values;
With our business approach that is based on the principle of trust, providing business solutions that ensure the efficiency and profitability of our customers in their respective fields of business.

Experience and knowledge-based expertise:
With our knowledge, experience and expertise, providing value added solutions and services that meet the expectations of our customers.

Accurate Analysis:
Identifying the requirements of our customers accurately and ensure the efficiency and profitability of their investments.

Permanent Value:
Providing permanent value to our customers with our expertise, our solutions and our services.