Nlyte Software was formed in 2004 originally as Global DataCenter Management (GDCMTM) by data center managers that knew there must be a better way to manage the complexity of data center resources, assets and staff than the arcane tools that were in use. They knew that spreadsheets, Visio and CAD drawings were tactical responses to a strategic problem that did not address the mission critical nature of computing.  About the same time that ‘Data Center Infrastructure Management’ (DCIM) was established as a market segment, GDCM was renamed Nlyte Software and moved its headquarters to Silicon Valley. Today, over 10 years later, Nlyte Software is currently delivering our 7th generation of products to hundreds of customers worldwide, based on market and customer feedback. We pride ourselves on being laser-focused on our clients, ensuring they derive maximum business value from their DCIM deployments. Nlyte delivers the industry’s benchmark for DCIM, ensuring our solutions are tightly integrated into existing business processes, IT systems and infrastructure.

There are many reasons why you should select Nlyte as your DCIM vendor.  Recognized by the analyst community as the leader in DCIM, Nlyte’s robust, proven solution works the way you and your organization want to work, backed by the industry’s most highly scalable, modern, flexible architecture. And since DCIM is not a standalone toolset, you should feel comfortable knowing that with Nlyte, the integration to your existing management frameworks are available off-the-shelf (rather than through complex custom programming engagements). And when it comes time to deploy, customize or add new capabilities or new locations, Nlyte is the fastest DCIM solution to deploy and is supported by our experienced service professionals who will be there with you at each step of your DCIM journey.

Given that data centers represent tens of millions of dollars of investment for your organization, with constant asset turnover, while running your critical business applications and pressing up against resource constraints of power, space, and networking, you should demand the solution that literally reflects the industry’s needs. Whether you are a CxO or part of an IT, Facilities or Data Center management team, the Nlyte 7 data center infrastructure management (DCIM) suite, defined in part by our extensive client base, can help. Nlyte counts some of the world’s most valued companies, with the most sophisticated data centers, with deployments in the tens of thousands of racks as clients today. Plus, Nlyte is purpose-built software that is fully extensible, scalable, modular, web-based, with the industry’s first business intelligence and workflow engines, a web services API for seamless 3rd party integrations, the industry patent on asset allocation and the industry’s only contextual content database with asset relationships.