Watchful is US Based Data Security Solution company with a best of the class product:

RightsWATCH: Data-centric Security
The notion that any organization is really 100% secure may be naive in today’s hyper-connected, borderless world. A more realistic question may be not are you “totally” secure, but rather is the information that matters most to your organization secure enough?
The fact that sensitive data seems to increasingly follow a pattern of being leaked, loss or stolen, has forced security professionals to rethink how their organizations can keep their most valuable assets safe. RightsWATCH is a state-of-the-art data-centric information security solution that ensures sensitive information can only be used by those that have express authority to do so. Even if sensitive data is leaked, it is rendered useless to unauthorized parties that may acquire it. Leveraging Data Classification, Information Rights Management and Data Loss Prevention in a single solution, RightsWATCH keeps sensitive data safe and secure regardless of whether it is in transit or stored inside or outside your network perimeter defenses.