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RightsWATCH and how it boosts Data Loss Protection (DLP)rights
RightsWATCH offers an easier approach to DLP, either in conjunction with an established DLP solution or as a simpler, cost-effective alternative. A combined approach enables companies to:
1. Raise end-user awareness and decrease corporate liability;
2. Provide structure to an unstructured “world”, thus protecting data whenever and wherever;
3. Streamline information classification & protection across the extended enterprise (BYOD);
4. Control information flows and increase compliance;
5. Maximize existing investments for a more effective security, at a lower TCO.


Advanced data-centric security solutions allow information to be classified as it is saved (in the case of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.) or as it is sent (in the case of messages and emails). RightsWATCH is unique in its ability to dynamically enforce an organization’s information security and control policy on all types of unstructured data, at the point it’s created. Emails, documents, spreadsheets, presentations and PDFs are automatically classified as to level of sensitivity, based upon:

  • Keywords, Content & Content Strings
  • Regular Expressions & Data Formats
  • Headers & Metadata
  • File size & Storage Location



  • With RightsWATCH, not only are the files classified, but these can be watermarked and fingerprinted for legal protection, all without adversely impacting the user experience, i.e. without asking the corporate users to make decisions, do extra work, or change their workflow.
    RightsWATCH allows the rules and policies to be established by the organization centrally, and to be dynamically applied as the information is created, without requiring user intervention. Not only does the user not need to remember all of the classification levels and criteria, nor the characteristics that are required to be applied to the information, but they also don’t need to know how to perform the physical marking.
    RightsWatch Applications
  • Secure Collaboration with Azure RMS
  • Bring Your Own Device
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Policy-Based Protection in SharePoint
  • Exchange Online & Office 365
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Extending & Enhancing AD RMS
  • End-to-end Security for SAP data

Watchful’s RightsWatch will help you comply with the following standarts:

  • UK GSC
  • ISO 27001
  • PoPI